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Supervision for Dietitians

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What is a supervision? 

(And a likely follow question: why do I, as a dietitian, need it?) 

As I’ve grown in and because of my work in the field of dietetics, I’ve come to feel strongly about the role of supervision for dietitians. Especially early on in your career (years 1-10), you are developing your philosophy, values, and practical skills at a rapid pace. Enter supervision: a tool for any and all dietitians to feel more prepared, reflective, and safe. As a dietitian, your work is so valuable. Your skills are valuable. And it’s time to recognize you are valued. 


Not because we aren’t competent or capable upon getting our licensure, but because our work is so intricate and so unique. Nutrition counseling, done well, incorporates elements of therapeutic conversation with the nutritional foundations we gain in our education and internship. 


Let’s create a collaborative space in supervision for growth, reflection, and support that is specialized for the one-of-a-kind work we do each day.


Dietitians will find that this is a transformative practice. Supervision is a practice in which space is held for you in much the same way as you hold space for your clients. The result? A beautiful combination of learning, support, and accountability that allows you as a dietitian to experience the profession in a new way—as sustainable, strengthened, and progressive. 


My core values in supervision: honesty, collaboration, compassion.


Let’s work together. 


Supervision Discovery Call

An opportunity to talk through what supervision is, chat about your goals, and answer initial questions.

[Free of cost]
Length Varies

Supervision Contracts

Ideal for practice owners or treatment facilities-let's work together to support your team of dietitians in making their work sustainable and valu-aligned. 

[please complete the contact form with desired topic and estimated group size for a customized rate]

Initial Supervision Session

An introduction to the supervision process and how it supports and stretches you as a dietitian. 


Supervision Follow-up Session

Review topics from past visit, collaborate on action items, and discuss relevant challenges and goals.

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