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Frequently Asked Questions

Joyfull Nutrition Therapy exists to come alongside you as you reconnect with the ability to experience food freely, fully, and with enjoyment. 


What is a dietitian? 

(And also commonly asked: What is the difference between a Dietitian and a Nutritionist?) Simply put, a Registered Dietitian (RD) is a specialist in food and nutrition who can help you meet your nutrition needs and understand the way food functions for you. An RD has completed specialized coursework in an accredited undergraduate program covering three main areas of dietetics: clinical nutrition, foodservice, and community nutrition. Following completion of the undergraduate degree, a Dietitian completes ~1200 hours of supervised practice and a Dietetic Internship program, and finally, passes the Registered Dietitian exam before becoming credentialed. This means that a RD has thorough, evidence-based training in a variety of topics, and is also required to complete continuing education consistently to ensure they are up-to-date on research and practice standards. Nutritionists do not always go through a credentialing process or specialized education and the title is not tightly regulated, meaning it can be used by anyone.

Do you offer virtual sessions? 

I sure do—virtual (video) sessions are held on a HIPAA-compliant platform called Simple Practice. You will be emailed a unique link prior to your appointment. 


Will I have to give up my favorite foods? 

Absolutely not! When I say “all foods fit” I wholeheartedly mean it. It is important for your mental and physical health that you be able to enjoy the food you are eating. If you’re struggling to eat these foods, we can talk about that, too!

Are you in network with my insurance? 

Joyfull Nutrition Therapy, LLC does not currently bill insurance directly, but will automatically provide you a monthly super bill necessary in order to seek reimbursement from your insurance company. Your insurance provider and individual policy will dictate reimbursement rates, and can answer questions about your out-of-network benefits. Please be aware that payment is required at the conclusion of each session. You are welcome to reach out directly if you have further questions. *There are also a select number of sliding scale spaces available (please contact for availability). 

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