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Joyfull: Beyond Nutritional Science

A lifelong love of food has meant so many things for me–it’s meant collecting recipe books, visiting all sorts of restaurants, equipping a home kitchen I never want to leave, and most of all sharing it all with dear family and friends. For me food is such a connective thing. It’s something to be shared, excited about, bonded over, and experimented with. And I intend share just that with all of you.

Coming into the new year a few years ago (now), I decided I would forgo renewing my subscription to a former favorite food magazine and simply work with what I have, in terms of cookbooks, old magazine issues, family heirloom recipes, and of course…the internet on occasion! It’s going to be an exercise in simplicity and resisting my urge to acquire more and new and better. At the same time, it's an exercise in creativity, as cooking and baking always is. It’s my hope that you will feel empowered, inspired, and most of all related to when it comes to all things food.

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